Friday, August 18, 2006

Kitchen Progress

We have a big bank inspection today- rough electrical is all in and plumbing is 1/2 way there. Most of the Ikea Kitchen cabinets are put together - thanks for your help Mom & Dad!! I started placing them in the kitchen area yesterday to work on the layout. Here are some shots:

The area on the left is my pantry and then the Fridge will go next to that. Stove will go along the wall there. I am not at this point doing any upper cabinets. Might do some open shelving. I have to live in it and ponder!

You can see a painted door next to the window in the above shot. I think I might go with a lighter grey/green. Maybe Benjamin Moore's Saybrook Sage. Have to do a test this weekend.

The above shot is looking down from our bedroom. There will be a wall there, it's just not in yet! But gave me a perfect view down on the mess.

So much to do. Wish I had 20 pairs of hands!

Monday, August 14, 2006


We are getting closer and closer! Here are some current shots:

The garage has been stained the color we will use.

This is where the raised terrace will be connecting to the screened in porch and outside fireplace that you can see on the right. Bring on those chilly fall evenings!

Another full view of the chimney

Another side shot of the house from the lower field.

Inside the floors are all down, interior walls are framed and drywalled - still need to be taped etc; Most of the electrical is done, plumbing is next. Our new fridge and washer and dryer was delivered this past weekend - and our Ikea kitchen cabinets are being assembled.

So more photos to come!

Thursday, June 29, 2006

Some walls up - some floors down!

John just finished laying the radiant heat in 1/2 of the upstairs. That's going to be so nice and toasty this winter!! So some walls are up and drywalled and some of our beautiful varying width pine floors are down. Now I am starting to look at everything in terms of how much painting (inside and out!) and floor tung oiling we have to do. ugh. Anyone want to babysit?????

Thursday, June 01, 2006

Getting there!

It really is starting to look like a house! The second floor has its sub floor so that we can actually walk around up there and get the feel of what it will be like. The stone masons are starting to put the stone on the chimney. There were about 6 of them cutting rock yesterday - looked like a Siberian prison force chipping rock!

Here are some recent interior photos. Oh - and we have a barn swallow nesting in the roof rafters inside. Not sure what we are going to do about it!! We already evicted one, but I think this one has already laid its eggs. Guess we will have to wait till they fly the nest.

View towards our bedroom and fireplace

cool windows on one side of our bedroom

A and P's room. This is where the bird is nesting.

Friday, May 05, 2006

Windows and a Roof!

The weather is finally cooperating and the roof is going on. We are using Weathered Wood by Certainteed. The windows are double hung divided lights by Marvin. We did clad on the outside as I didn't see either of us wanting to re-paint windows in a few years.

Shed dormers above the kitchen lean-to.

Kitchen windows

The outside fireplace that will be on our screened in porch. French doors will be on both sides of the fireplace.

A washed out shot of the raised hearth fireplace inside. Openings for the french doors are the blinding bright spots! But look at that beautiful beamed ceiling we will have!!

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Moving along!

The lovely purple dry wall. Must have been an Easter special!

Connecticut Light & Power is coming today, the fireplace is steaming along and the roof shingles should start towards the end of this week. More photos to come!

Friday, March 31, 2006


Here is how far we are with the house! In the next two weeks things will really
speed up. Can't wait!

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

2nd Day of the Raising!

First roof truss for the main house being flown in

North roof truss almost set

John driving in the lag bolts for the rafters

North rafter set in place and bolted

Perlins being set in the timber rafters

Bill topping off the house frame!

Setting the third roof truss and perlins. Another great day of progress!

Monday, February 20, 2006

Barn Raising!

The timber raising was today. It was a beautiful cold crisp day. Here are some shots of it all. The first is a shot of the last of the snow that put our raising off by a week.

The first of the timberframe beams arriving

Country Carpenter's big HIAB crane starting to unload

First load landing on the house deck

John driving one of the first trunnels (wooden dowels) into the main house lower frame

The first timbers raised - starting with the garage barn

Garage roof rafters staged for raising

A shot inside the garage frame

Another shot of the garage frame almost complete

Roof rafters for the garage start to take shape!

Topping off!

The topping off ceremony (Thanks Bill) To learn more about this tradition from Scandinavia click here!

The garage timberframe structure is done

First bay of the main house floor joists in place

Garage view of house framing progress

Bill driving nails the traditional way (no compressed air...)

John showing how a hammer works

A solid days work - thanks Country Carpenters - and to Paul and Peg for driving down all the way from Boston as our official spectators!

The last shot of the day. The crew did an amazing amount of work for one day!! More to come tomorrow.
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