Friday, May 18, 2012

Monday, March 19, 2012

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Clean furnace room

Most exciting post right? A shot of our cleaned out & floor painted furnace room:

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Walls framed in

I have spent the day doing 2 runs to Home Depot because the sales person I dealt with sold me the wrong recessed lighting kit. Annoying. Pardon the mess in these photos - still need to do a bit of cleaning out!
Kid's future playroom
Looking down the hall, playroom on right, guest bedroom and bath on left

Basement refnishing plan

I will post photos of my "new" kitchen this week - we have been sidetracked with all sorts of fun February germs in our household- from stomach flu to head colds.  I hate February.

Our basement progress is in full swing - I have been busy throwing things into the dumpster - giving away books and clothes and doing a major clear out.  Still have a bit to do!

Here is the most updated basement plan - showing the lighting layout too.  I am off to Home Depot to pick up electrical stuff for my husband while he works on wiring today!

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Cabinets installed!

Pardon the mess - still a work in progress! Working on new door hardware & re-oiling countertops next.

Sunday, February 12, 2012


Our kitchen looks like a bomb exploded in it! But you have to make a mess to achieve beauty I guess.

We moved the microwave into a cabinet in the island - the door needs to be trimmed down & the microwave trimmed in. So nice to have it off the counter.

Hoping to have this all done by next weekend.

Friday, February 10, 2012

Painting Kitchen Cabinets

I began the painting process today and we decided to change the color and go with a crisp white.  Wish I had figured that out in the ordering process because Scherr's could have painted them for me.  Ah well.  Typical me to change my mind after the fact!

I am using a new type of Benjamin Moore paints that is for kitchen cabinets - has the durability of an oil paint but is latex based and clean up is with soap and water:

Benjamin Moore Advance

I figured that I would give it a shot and if it does not hold up I can go over it with oil at a later date.  Painting is easy due to the primer being the same color - so I am doing a nice light coat - and will give a second coat tomorrow. So hopefully by next weekend I will have it all done!

One last shot of how the kitchen looked before in the creamier Cameo White color.

Thursday, February 09, 2012

Scherr's Kitchen Cabinets - My Doors are here!

My door fronts arrived yesterday from Scherr's.  They are just beautiful.  Solid wood construction.  And made in the USA!  yay!

As I said before I just had them prime them so that I could paint them my Cameo White by Benjamin Moore.  But now looking at then primed - the crisp white is tempting me.  I might switch to a crisp white.  It would mean re-painting the stove surround and the refrigerator surround, but that's not too bad.  I have some thinking to do!

Here are some photos:

A Scherr's drawer door - unpainted - just primed.  Love the simplicity!

Holding it in place to get the "feel"

Shot of the old IKEA Fagerland doors - 5 years old and not in good shape!

Close up of the old drawer front

Island with the toe kick painted!

The toe kick done.  Still need to trim out the edges and sides . . .

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Kitchen Island Update

Not a great shot with my iPhone but here is a photo of the island with new black painted doors and the toe kick in place (not painted yet!)

My new cabinet doors for the rest of the kitchen are in production and I should have them by mid-February.

Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Kitchen Update - New Cabinet Doors

We are busy bees this winter! There are a lot of projects we want to get done and one of them has been brewing in my head for about a year now. The beauty of my IKEA kitchen, besides the cost, is that you can easily give your kitchen an update by buying new doors.

I had originally bought a style called Fagerland which I then painted. And I was lazy and painted in latex rather than oil. So it just has not held up well and our kitchen is looking decidedly shabby. Not at all chic.

So I needed to find another IKEA door that was paint-able and when I Googled that this kitchen was the first I found. They used Tidalholm style doors and you can not tell this is an IKEA kitchen!
It's just gorgeous:
Old Farm House with IKEA painted cabinets

Shot of the Domsjo sink - same one as I have!

This is another kitchen I found online that used Tidalholm Painted Cabinets as well - and what I love about this kitchen is the toe kick.  I will be copying that!
Amazing.  However, since I dragged my feet on this IKEA has since discontinued the Tidalholm door style.  PULL MY HAIR OUT.  sigh.  And then through the lifesaving miracle of the internet I found this American company in North Dakota that makes CUSTOM doors for IKEA cabinets. Amazing!  They are Scherr's Cabinet and Doors, INC in Minot, North Dakota.

So I browsed their web site and found this simple shaker door style.  And they gave me a quote with the doors pre-primed and ready for me to paint!  I would have had them paint them, but they use Sherwin Williams Paints and I couldn't risk trying to translate my Benjamin Moore Cameo White.  Can you imagine ordering it all having it arrive and having the color be off?  So I will save myself some money and just paint them myself in OIL.

Tuesday, January 03, 2012

New Bath Vanities

So excited! I just ordered two new bath vanities for our master bathroom! When we built the house on our small budget we went with two pedestal sinks in our bathroom. They are beautiful Bancroft Kohler Pedestal sinks, but there is NO storage. And after 5 years it was really driving me nuts.

We have only 63 inches in which to put a vanity there and as most double vanities are 72 inches wide I was facing a problem. But then I found Martha Stewart's line at Home Depot and fell in love with these - and bought two of them! At 30" wide we are good to go!

There will be a domino effect as I will have to re-paint our bathroom . . . . stay tuned.

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