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Wow.  It's been 5 years since I posted!  I forgot about the blog.  Life got busy.  My twins are 12 now and since I last wrote I lost my very beloved dad to brain cancer :-(  Hug your loved ones close.  Every day.

We've done some work on the house in the last 5 years.   The biggest being a repaint of the house last summer to a clean crisp white.  We also replaced all the window trim - our builder did such a crap job on details like that.

Our front and back porches also got a lot of work done.  After 10 years we definitely had some rot issues!  Our big deck has been re-stained and just last week we had some custom railings built.  I'll show that another time as I haven't even taken photos yet.

Today I am just going to share the re-do of my son's room.  I think it looks pretty darn cozy :-)

That big IKEA chair might not stay - way too large for the room!

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