Painting Kitchen Cabinets

I began the painting process today and we decided to change the color and go with a crisp white.  Wish I had figured that out in the ordering process because Scherr's could have painted them for me.  Ah well.  Typical me to change my mind after the fact!

I am using a new type of Benjamin Moore paints that is for kitchen cabinets - has the durability of an oil paint but is latex based and clean up is with soap and water:

Benjamin Moore Advance

I figured that I would give it a shot and if it does not hold up I can go over it with oil at a later date.  Painting is easy due to the primer being the same color - so I am doing a nice light coat - and will give a second coat tomorrow. So hopefully by next weekend I will have it all done!

One last shot of how the kitchen looked before in the creamier Cameo White color.


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