The Kids' Bedroom!

I would have given anything for beds like these when I was a kid - I guess that's what we do when we become parents. Give our kids things we would have loved as kids. Let's us relive it all to a degree!

So this project has taken my brilliant husband a month of weekends to complete. I am beyond impressed with his carpentry skills and am now greedily compiling a list of other things I want him to build . . .


Anettes hus said…
Wow! Your house is sooooo beautiful! I love it! How big is it?

I didn't notice the date of the post the last time I visited;) 2006?! That's a long time ago! These updated photos looks so nice. The beds are lovely!

Ha en fin helg!

Klem Anette:)
Richtsje said…
Hi Dana,
Just popped by through Anettes hus. This kids' bedroom certainly looks terrific, I suppose my boys (aged 9 and 5) would also love it ;-)
We are also [always] busy in our house which dates from 1877. Perhaps we would get bored if all of it were finished?

groetnis from the Netherlands,
Dana said…
Thank you Richtsje! I visited your blog and the room you did over for your boys looks amazing. I couldn't figure out how to post a comment - the Dutch language defeated me!
Helene said…
What lovely beds.
I will show this for my brother, cause he and his wife has three kids under the age of 3½ years old, 2 of them are twins.
They haven´t got lots of room in their summerhouse, this is perfect.

Dana said…
Wow Helene! 3 kids under the age of 3 1/2?? and 2 are twins. wow. I hope they have help!

Thanks for your comment and for visiting :-)
Hanne said…
What a wonderful house! And the beds are amazing. We are currently building our dream house, and such beds would be great in the childrens rooms. They are by the way 4,6 and 7, so three children in 3,5 years- and no twins;-)
I will visit your blog again for sure.

Hanne- from just outside Oslo, Norway
Dana said…
Thank you Hanne! Good luck building your dream home - if you have a blog on it I would love to link to it :-)

My husband lived in Norway for many years in his 20s. For a trip to Norway he would happily come over and build some beds for you! :-)
Livinia Redlips said…
These are great - nice work!

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