Kitchen Update - New Cabinet Doors

We are busy bees this winter! There are a lot of projects we want to get done and one of them has been brewing in my head for about a year now. The beauty of my IKEA kitchen, besides the cost, is that you can easily give your kitchen an update by buying new doors.

I had originally bought a style called Fagerland which I then painted. And I was lazy and painted in latex rather than oil. So it just has not held up well and our kitchen is looking decidedly shabby. Not at all chic.

So I needed to find another IKEA door that was paint-able and when I Googled that this kitchen was the first I found. They used Tidalholm style doors and you can not tell this is an IKEA kitchen!
It's just gorgeous:
Old Farm House with IKEA painted cabinets

Shot of the Domsjo sink - same one as I have!

This is another kitchen I found online that used Tidalholm Painted Cabinets as well - and what I love about this kitchen is the toe kick.  I will be copying that!
Amazing.  However, since I dragged my feet on this IKEA has since discontinued the Tidalholm door style.  PULL MY HAIR OUT.  sigh.  And then through the lifesaving miracle of the internet I found this American company in North Dakota that makes CUSTOM doors for IKEA cabinets. Amazing!  They are Scherr's Cabinet and Doors, INC in Minot, North Dakota.

So I browsed their web site and found this simple shaker door style.  And they gave me a quote with the doors pre-primed and ready for me to paint!  I would have had them paint them, but they use Sherwin Williams Paints and I couldn't risk trying to translate my Benjamin Moore Cameo White.  Can you imagine ordering it all having it arrive and having the color be off?  So I will save myself some money and just paint them myself in OIL.

I am keeping the Fagerland Doors on our center island and painting the center island a dark antique black.  Have to research that color today!
Here is a link to my previous post on my kitchen so you can see it as it is before:
Kitchen Today (Before New Cabinets)


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