Tuesday, February 21, 2006

2nd Day of the Raising!

First roof truss for the main house being flown in

North roof truss almost set

John driving in the lag bolts for the rafters

North rafter set in place and bolted

Perlins being set in the timber rafters

Bill topping off the house frame!

Setting the third roof truss and perlins. Another great day of progress!

Monday, February 20, 2006

Barn Raising!

The timber raising was today. It was a beautiful cold crisp day. Here are some shots of it all. The first is a shot of the last of the snow that put our raising off by a week.

The first of the timberframe beams arriving

Country Carpenter's big HIAB crane starting to unload

First load landing on the house deck

John driving one of the first trunnels (wooden dowels) into the main house lower frame

The first timbers raised - starting with the garage barn

Garage roof rafters staged for raising

A shot inside the garage frame

Another shot of the garage frame almost complete

Roof rafters for the garage start to take shape!

Topping off!

The topping off ceremony (Thanks Bill) To learn more about this tradition from Scandinavia click here!

The garage timberframe structure is done

First bay of the main house floor joists in place

Garage view of house framing progress

Bill driving nails the traditional way (no compressed air...)

John showing how a hammer works

A solid days work - thanks Country Carpenters - and to Paul and Peg for driving down all the way from Boston as our official spectators!

The last shot of the day. The crew did an amazing amount of work for one day!! More to come tomorrow.

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Shots of the Foundation

Finally - I am uploading recent shots of our progress! If you want to see a larger view you can click on the photos.

Looking up at the house!

The foundation/basement. Can't wait for that big playroom!

The bump out for the fireplace

The footings for the screened in porch and outside fireplace!

And the floor beams have begun.

And then the blizzard hit. So the timber frame raising has been delayed until next week. I knew it couldn't go perfectly smoothly! ah well!
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