I have painted more since I took these - and there is still the backsplash to do . . . someday! 4 year old twins impede the progress :-)


Donna said…
Beautiful kitchen! Would you mind sharing details about how you painted it (what type of paint, how many coats etc...and what colour you used? I'm very seriously contemplating doing the same thing and yours look great!

Dana said…
Hi Donna! I used IKEA Fagerland cabinets. I primed them with Zinser Primer, product here:

And then I painted with a high gloss Benjamin Moore Latex in Cameo White. I have to double check on the color tomorrow! I did a latex on the white cabinets, in retrospect I should have done oil based like the paint I used on the island cabinets. Definitely lasts longer! And if you have the $$ - I would also have saved myself a lot of aggravation and sent the doors out to a professional to be painted. In OIL!

Countertops are also IKEA - I did the Numerår in Birch:
sanded and with tongue oil on them. I sand and oil them about twice a year right now!

I did IKEA so that I could afford my AGA stove. And I have to say - I am very happy with the IKEA cabinets.

Here is a site that is also really really helpful with IKEA kitchens:

best of luck and let me know if you have any further questions!!
Donna said…
Thanks for the info!! You have a beautiful home, gorgeous children and your Aga is well, I'm drooling :)

So, if you were to do it again and had them painted professionally, do you think you would you hang them first then take them off again and get them painted or just get them painted before install?
Dana said…
Donna - I would definitely have them painted before install.

Thank you for your nice compliments! And I love my AGA. The red color just makes me smile :-)

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