Saturday, February 21, 2009


We have a new member of our family. Bring on the dog hair and accidents on the rug. We are in love with her. Meet Smilla:

Passed out.



Anettes hus said...

Oh, she is sooo beautiful!! Both my boys want a dog, but I'm allergic unfortunately... But a turtle maybe?!;) No, they didn't want that!!

Klem Anette:)

Hverdagen vår said...

Oh, what a lovly house you and your family have, and the kids bed- I love it:)))

Have a nice week and a lovley weekend

Hugs from Eli in Norway:)


Hello! I just got at tips from Annette's House to look to your blog. You have a lovely blog so i guess I'll visit you often. And what an adorable dog you've got.
I want one too!!!!!!!
Hugs from Anita, Norway!

Snøstorm said...

Just had to let you know that I looove your house.

Gongrats on a new member of the family, she's so cute! :)

Camilla, Norway

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