New Kitchen Work

Happy New Year! Between Christmas and New Years we finally worked on our kitchen again. We made a surround for the Aga - trying to emulate the feel of a classic country English kitchen. And finally put a working hood vent over the stove, which is built into the surround. We bought a Bosch hood:

It was the only one we could find with the controls on the bottom and not on the front.
Now on to the photos.

The inspiration:

The before:

In progress:

And the final product!

So now all we have left to do on the kitchen is to build a book case for my cookbooks in that space to the left of the stove, make some roller blinds for the window - repaint the island and the bench in the nook and have cushions made. No problem. Check back with me in a year at this rate! The above only took us 3 years to get to!


Hi! So nice to hear from you again! First of all; Happy New Year!!!

Your kitchen is just gorgeous!! The new surround looks beautiful!

Have a nice day!


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