Expedit and my love of IKEA

Benita of Chez Larsson inspired this post today. Which required a room clean up. Which was needed anyway!

She asked for shots of people's Expedit book case. We use ours in the den/tv room. Also known as the playroom. Our entire den is IKEA. With small children you just can't beat it. That sofa is SO abused and the slip cover has seen better days, but I don't care. I can go to IKEA and buy a new slip cover for nothing! Anyway - we did a complete IKEA over haul on this room in an effort to re-claim it a bit from the kids. So the Expedit is their book case. Holds their toys and books. We went with the black, which I do like, but it needs major dusting at least once a week!

Onto photos of this much used room in our house:

You can see my corner office in this shot, and Benita's post is up on my screen :-)

A shot of our IKEA Hemnes Entertainment center with the kids well used Pottery Barn chairs:

And the much abused IKEA sofa:

A bit of dark shot. No flash on that camera! Thank you Benita for inspiring my post!


Monica said…
Hi Dana - Thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting. EXPEDIT is great for kid's rooms and makes clean up and staying organized pretty easy. Can only recommend it.
I can't get over the location of your home. The trees are amazing and the grey of the house goes so nicely with the green. Lovely!

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